The Merak is a car manufactured by the Italian manufacturer Maserati between 1972 and 1983. We owe its lines to the designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. It’s a coupe 2+2. The Merak was manufactured in three versions, each under the control of one of the brand’s three different shareholders: Citroën, GEPI and De Tomaso. It is the choice of a simpler and cheaper model compared to the Bora who initiated the launch of this car, both models having the same chassis and bodywork.

The designation is “type AM 122”.

The Merak SS is the second version. It was studied under the Citroen era and presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 75. It is made more reliable and its power increased (220). Its commercialization took place during the same year, when Maserati had just come under the supervision of GEPI, the state company intended to collect companies in difficulty, in search of a new shareholder. It will be rid of the high-pressure hydraulic system of Citroën to return to a more traditional system when the takeover of the firm by De Tomaso. The power will then be reduced to 208 to meet the requirements of the new pollution standards.

It is always the engineer Alfieri who ensured the gestation. He will be sacked when De Tomaso arrives, being deemed too close to Citroën. He will then work at Lamborghini.

The behavior, typed neutral thanks to the central rear engine, is a little sportier with 30 hp more.