History of the Mercedes 190 SL:

In 1955, in the wave that followed Stirling Moss’ victory in the thousand miles at the wheel of a Mercedes 300 SLR, the 190SL, the little sister of the legendary 300SL, was born under the pencil of designer Karl Wilfret.

The objective is to design a vehicle that comes as close as possible to the lines of the 300SL, while offering a more comfortable car at a more affordable cost. In its final configuration, the 190SL is the perfect answer to these two imperatives.

At the start of 1954, two prototypes of the new Mercedes-Benz 190SL model landed in New York and were extremely successful, giving the green light to production.

The success of the 190 SL is based on its “look”, but also on comfort and reliability. In 1963, the 190 SL was replaced by the new Mercedes-Benz 230 SL, known by the nickname “pagoda”.