L’Atelier des Coteaux restores, renovates and maintains your old vehicles like works of art

Depending on the customer’s request, the vehicle can be totally or partially restored.

Oscar Lefebvre follows each step and verifies the quality of the work provided. After a major intervention or restoration, the car is tested over approximately 500 kilometers to perfect the development before delivery to the owner.

Each employee is specialized in an activity specific to his sensitivity. The paint, chrome, woodwork and assemblies are the subject of particular attention from each stakeholder.

The vehicles can be prepared for any event, made reliable, conforming to the origin or racing version. Customers are informed using photos sent by e-mail of the progress of the work carried out on their car.



Using their expertise and in-depth knowledge of vintage mechanics, our mechanics bring the engines and mechanics of these iconic cars back to life. Each intervention is carried out with meticulousness and attention to detail, in order to preserve the authenticity and the original performance.

  • Revision
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Repair


Metal, body & paint

In our specialized workshop, each collector’s vehicle is considered a unique work of art, and our team of dedicated professionals makes every effort to preserve its authenticity and original beauty. Whether for body repair, paint restoration or custom sheet metal work, each step of the process is carried out with the utmost care.

  • body,
  • forming,
  • painting,

A passionate couple

Marie-Christine and Oscar LEFEBVRE have been running the Atelier des Coteaux for over 30 years. With more than 55 years of experience in the profession, Oscar carries out his work with passion and in search of perfection. Bathed in mechanics since his earliest childhood, Oscar began very young to work in his father’s garage.

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Trimmings workshop

Coach Trimming

We ensure the design, manufacture, remanufacturing of upholstery and automotive accessories, the manufacture and installation of interior parts on your vintage vehicles. We decline our know-how on many vehicles and deal with special requests.

Our experience in the trade allows us to rebuild any piece of cabinetwork, furniture, seat structure, etc. Managing the precision of the assemblies of the trays, the positioning and alignment of the seams, the tension of the materials, are among our priorities and our requirements, in accordance with our quality label.


Ground up restoration projects

Thanks to the excellent level of quality and the requirement of Oscar Lefebvre, the Atelier des Coteaux has become in 30 years a benchmark workshop where enthusiasts from all over the world come to benefit from the know- craftsmanship of 22 highly qualified companions to restore their exceptional automobiles.

We can also offer you improvements on elements such as cooling, braking or transmission making your vehicle easier to use on a daily basis, with complete peace of mind.

These improvements are always reversible and allow you to return to the original configuration at any time.

You can follow the progress of the work by sending photos if we cannot move. But it is also possible at any time to go to the Workshop to see the progress of its restoration.


Car detailing

If you want your car to be as beautiful as the ones we offer, Atelier des Coteaux can provide its know-how and its team of specialists in Automotive aesthetic maintenance.

We offer a complete service of specific care for your beauty. We treat bodywork, chrome, plastics, fabrics, leathers, carpets and woodwork. Reviving the beauty of your Collector’s Car while retaining the patina that gives it its personality, we ensure its longevity for decades to come…


Car transportation

We transport all the vehicles we sell, restore and maintain