« The value of an automobile lies in the passion of the men who thought it up, of those who created it, of those who dreamed of it and offered it to themselves, of those who saved it sometimes against winds and tides ; because that's what it's all about, passion and love. »

Marie-Christine and Oscar Lefebvre - Founders of Atelier des Coteaux

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Exceptional cars, exceptional services

In our specialized workshop, each collector's vehicle is considered a unique work of art, and our team of dedicated professionals makes every effort to preserve its authenticity and original beauty. Whether for body repair, paint restoration or custom sheet metal work, each step of the process is carried out with the utmost care.

Thanks to the excellent level of quality and the requirement of Oscar Lefebvre, the Atelier des Coteaux has become in 30 years a reference workshop where enthusiasts from all over the world come to benefit from the craftsmanship of the 22 highly qualified companions in vehicle restoration

Using their expertise and in-depth knowledge of vintage mechanics, our mechanics bring the engines and mechanics of these iconic cars back to life. Each intervention is carried out with meticulousness and attention to detail, in order to preserve the authenticity and the original performance.