The GT4 is the only production Ferrari designed by Bertone.

This feature already makes it a rare and desirable model since previously only three vehicles had been designed by this coachbuilder for Ferrari. The prototype was presented on the Bertone stand at the 1973 Paris Motor Show and the first production models were assembled in early 1974 at Scaglietti (and not at Bertone).

GT4s were produced until 1980.

2,826 copies of the 308 GT4 will be manufactured in 7 years.

This model, in addition to this infidelity to Pininfarina, has another particularity: it carries the first Ferrari V8 for a road Ferrari, after a long line of V12s and the V6 of the Dino 246.

The engine, with a displacement of 2,926 cm3, develops around 250 horsepower.

Last particularity, the GT4 is a real 2+2, which, associated with a central rear engine, makes it a rarity and represented a real challenge for the designer! The design, with such characteristics, is a real achievement for this type of vehicle.

Aesthetically speaking, we can differentiate 2 series of 308 GT4, commonly called series 1 and series 2. They differ mainly by a modified front and in particular a grid which covers the additional headlights for series 2.