Auto Motor Und Sport called it the ‘bella macchina’ in 1976 and when the Ferrari 308 GTB was unveiled the year before at the Paris Motor Show, it unleashed enthusiasm. In fact master Sergio Pininfarina synthesized elements of the Dino 246 GT and 365 GT4 BB into perfect form, there’s nothing that warranted the slightest stylistic criticism, typically Ferrari.

The first versions with 4 Weber 40DCNF carburettors and a polyester hull (1975-1977) of which 808 were built gave way to models with a steel body (1977-1985). To the carburettors, catalytic converters were added in 1978 for the American models then injection in 1980 (308 GTBi/GTSi, 214 hp) and four valves per cylinder in 1982 (308 GTB QV/GTS QV, 240 hp).

The model benefits from an evolution under the name 328. The name 308 GTB gives information: the total displacement: 3,000 cm3 (in reality it is 2,926 cm3), the type of engine: 8 cylinders in V located transversely in rear central position and delivering a power of 255 hp (version with carburettors).