E-Type history:

The Jaguar E-Type is the successor car to the XK 150.

It was at the London Motor Show in October 1964 that the new 4.2-litre unit appeared.

The design of the seats has been completely revised, providing better lumbar support and better seating. Change of appearance of the central console which is lined with leather.

On the outside, nothing distinguishes a 3.8 from a 4.2 liter, except for the 4.2 liter logo on the rear hatch.

Series I disappeared in December 1967 to make way for series ½ until October 1968.

The ½ series has never been officially recognized as such by the Jaguar factories, it is part of the I series, even if it differs in many details.

This model produced for about ten months has constantly evolved during its short production, getting closer and closer to the Series II, its direct successor.

Aesthetically it retains from the series I, the indicators above the bumpers and from the series II, it has the absence of fairing of the headlights, the slightly advanced optics (with a chrome overhang less than on the future series II) . The wheels have lost their butterflies.

It no longer has a transparent visor on the headlights, which receive a chrome bezel. Security locks, steering wheel in matt finish, door handles inside concealed in the upholstery. Anti-theft contact on the steering column, ribbed camshaft cover instead of being polished as in the I series.