The year 1948 saw the introduction of the greatest of the post-war classic sports cars, the Jaguar XK 120. This car set revolutionary new standards, the car combined racing car performance with functionality. The Jaguar XK 120 debuted the new 3442cc 6-cylinder XK Twin Cam engine which gives it a top speed of over 120 miles per hour, unparalleled in its decade. Jaguar never built a four-seater XK 120, however, an extraordinary four-seater 120 was designed to special order by coachbuilder Abbott of Farnham in Surrey, UK. On April 17, 1951, Jaguar Cars sent a rolling chassis number 660750 in Abbot of Farnham, with DHC bodywork custom built by New Zealand resident businessman David Stuart Mitchell, from 13 July 1951 this car was built.

The Abbott design has been subtly lengthened to create extra space for the rear seats, this could not be done without altering the lines of the original XK 120 design.

To achieve excellent proportions, Abbott rounded off the original straight slope of the front fenders and had them transported low, towards the end of the doors.

The result is a surprisingly balanced and harmonious design.

The interior was made to measure, the rear bench followed the shape of the front seats, and the dashboard is in varnished walnut veneer. As ordered by Mr. Mitchell, this XK 120 was fitted with extras like fog lights, radio and tow bar.

Abbott completed work on this special XK 120 in early 1952, and then shipped it to Mr. Mitchell in New Zealand. All the owners are known and registered on the registration certificate number 114372 which is in the very important file which accompanies the car.