The XK 140 is the successor model to the XK 120. Following comments and suggestions from customers, distributors, dealers, magazines, etc., the XK 120 has been modernized and improved. The 3 body types of these XK 140, the roadster, the coupé and the convertible were unveiled to the general public in the same year, in 1954, the year of manufacture. The XK 140 cabriolet bears a strong resemblance to the XK 120 cabriolet, which makes them stand out from the chrome accessories specific to the XK 140 such as bumpers, moldings, trunk handles, radiator grille, crest surround rear, gooseneck of the rear police light but also the sheet metal changes specific to the 140 range, i.e. the new trunk panel, the rear registration plate holder and the triangular sheet metal panels between the fenders and the front bumpers. As for the XK 120, the 140 has an ease of maneuvering the hood, you can stay seated on the driver’s seat and open the top with one hand, without even having to turn around.