In 1949, the chairman of MG and his directors debated about the MG TC, “a charming little car, they said, but somewhat crude, outdated and uncomfortable for its occupants. »

The question was whether MG could offer him a more civilized successor.

In a few weeks, the concept of the TD was designed.

An amalgamation of the TC and the Type Y four-door sedan.

The MG TD Mark II, sometimes called TD3, TDC or competition version, was created by the factory to satisfy the demand for higher output models.

It is more spacious, lighter and faster than its predecessor.

This car is one of the 983 MG TD MK II produced and 977 exported to the USA.

A total of 1710 MG TD MK II were produced from 1950 to 1953.

The MG TD MK II had unique features compared to the base model: full chrome grille, MG logo on the grille in black and white, “MARK-II” badge on each side of the hood, handle under the glove box, shock absorbers Friction-driven Andres (front and rear), improved rear axle ratio (4.875), larger carbs up to an inch and a half, larger valves, compression ratio increased to 8.6/1, odometer redline at 6000 rpm, dual pump gasoline.