The Nash Healey is a sports car that was produced for the American market in 1951 and 1954. Marketed by Nash Kelvinator Corporation with a European chassis and body, it served as a flagship car for the automaker to promote the sales of others. Nash models. The Nash Healey was America’s first post-war sports car, produced in partnership with the Nash Kelvinator Corporation and British automaker Donald Healey. The first model was exhibited at the Miami Auto Show in February 1951. The car was then restyled by Pinin Farina and assembled in Italy. The car received a new grille incorporating the headlights, a curved windscreen replaced the two-part windscreen, the bonnet vent and the rear fenders were modified. The entire body is steel, only the hood is aluminum. The engine which was a 3.8 L is increased to 4.1 L and produces 140 hp.