History of the DB6:

The DBs conquered Le Mans and seduced lovers of Grand Touring cars. Aston Martins are 100% British cars, they are also the favorite cars of Prince Charles and his father the Duke of Edinburgh. Aston Martin was the English answer to Ferrari’s Italian-style Grand Tourer. Luxury, refinement, discretion and performance were the hallmarks of Aston Martin, without forgetting competition. A man is at the origin of this assertive image: David Brown.

Introduced in 1965, the Aston Martin DB6 took over from the DB5. Mechanically identical, it appears as a gentrified and more spacious version than the DB5. The wheelbase has been lengthened and the roof has been redesigned: the roof line is higher and the windscreen is straighter. The rear quarter windows have also been modified. Thanks to its more comfortable rear seats, the DB6 is aimed at customers who want a real four-seater, which it is. The bodywork, which abandons the Superleggera technique, is also distinguished by an aerodynamic spoiler. Like the DB5, the car is available in a Vantage version with three Weber carburettors. The Mark 2 version launched in 1969, shares many elements with the DBS, the DB6, the last derivative of the DB4.