The Jaguar E-Type is the successor car to the XK 150.

It was at the London Motor Show in October 1964 that the new 4.2-litre unit appeared.

Fully synchronized Jaguar gearbox, smoother to handle, but still very solid. Improved brakes on this model. The design of the seats has been completely revised, providing better lumbar support and better seating. Change of appearance of the central console which is lined with leather. On the outside, nothing distinguishes a 3.8 from a 4.2 liter, except for the 4.2 liter logo on the rear hatch.

Series I disappeared in December 1967 to make way for series ½ until October 1968 and series II from October 1968 to September 1970.

It is available in three versions: 2-seater coupé, 2+2 coupé and convertible.

The main appearance changes for this second series are the headlights positioned further forward, with a larger chrome edging than on the previous series, the indicators are under the bumpers, the plate is considerably enlarged, the taillights are also found under the bumper with a larger plate compared to previous series, the air intake is enlarged and the edges are sharper, the stylized Jaguar in the center of the mustache on a crest is now oval in shape , appearance of new rims, new cranks and door handles.

The 2 + 2 Coupe’s windscreen is less inclined, the headlights with chrome ornaments are moved forward by 5 cm, the turn signals pass under the bumpers and the grille bar is more imposing.