The 914 was born in 1969 from its parents Volkswagen and Porsche, at a turning point in the history of these two firms. Volkswagen was already looking to get away from its flat4 engine and Porsche put all its energy into the development of its 911. The 914 was marketed in the USA by the Porsche network but by the Volkswagen network in Europe … except in France where it is Sonauto who was responsible for its distribution.

On the specifications of its line it was stipulated that it should not look like a Volkswagen or a Porsche. On arrival, a spacious roadster, with a central engine and a removable “targa” roof that fits in the rear trunk, with an almost symmetrical look between the front and the rear. The headlights are tilting and the interior is austerely Germanic. The 914 is a car “full” of qualities and has become rare. Equipped with two large trunks and benefiting from a rigid convertible roof. Its architecture and road qualities constitute one of the best sports driving schools there is. It is considered the worthy descendant of the popular 356 in the USA and, 40 years later, is the joy of a few clever collectors… while remaining an original and little-known Porsche.